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Godrej Hinjewadi Pune | From necessities to indulgences everything surrounds you

Godrej Properties Hinjewadi


An all-around associated address that has nature as its neighbor; where peeping birds become companions and a wealth of trees envelope you with pure air. Numerous gardens give you a quality of newness during your recreation and plenty of conveniences make your life satisfied. Here the slopes and the waterway are unified with you; to offer you the ideal setting forever.


Riverwalk With Highstreet Retail

Inspired by the fame of La Rambla street in Barcelona we have designed a shopping experience for you, close to the river.

Riverfront With Boat Club

A 5100 sq.m clubhouse roosted on the stream banks clients you to appreciate better things throughout everyday life.

Orchard With 40+ Fruits Bearing Trees

Straight from nature and solid as could be, we have assortments like mango, jackfruit, guava, and more for you to savor.

Hill District

At the point when you live by the slopes, there’s a radiant, cresting vibe that propels you to go higher and take off farther, 5000+ trees encourage you.

Chlorine Free Pool
A sans chlorine pool for you to dive into, keeping synthetics under control and your heart light and euphoric delight.

Central Park
A 3-hectare focal park made for you to leave the materialistic life.

Address Landscaped

In Green Come home to a place, where nature takes its most beautiful form.

Enhancing Trees And Plants

Having an expanse of trees offering you purer air, cooler weather and ample shade is a true blessing.

Open Spaces With 0.54 Hectares Of Greenery

With a lot of open spaces and a span of nature, the well-being of your adored one is presently the obligation of your esteemed location.



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