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Prestige Great Acres Craft Your Own Style Of Living The Prestige City Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Prestige Great Acres Plots

Prestige Group has announced enormous residential plots at Prestige Great Acres. In recent years statistics expose that Bangalore has become one of the most prime destinations for youngsters due to its multifarious job prospect. So, constructing our own mansion amidst the lush green surrounding is a dream of many and Prestige is offering that platform to construct the dream foundation.

Stretched over a large patch of green landscape, residents can buy plots that are available in different configurations. These residential plots can also be used as a guest house to spend a relaxing weekend wherein the day starts with a refreshing sunrise and a majestic view. Residents while staying here can as well engage in organic farming and calm their minds from the everyday monotonous schedule allowing you to take the best advantage of property in Bangalore.

For the ease of the residents, Prestige Plots Bangalore has designed the best-in-class luxurious twin clubhouses along with banquet green for hosting events and parties.

Along with the lavish exterior, Prestige Great Acres Plots also emphasizes the safety and security of the residents, and as such it offers 24 hours of CCTV surveillance and security guards. It even provides a top-notch framework with escalators and piped gas systems for the houses.

Besides ample open space provide enough breathing space for relaxing the mind and body. Thus with such amenities and infrastructural décor, these residential plots are by far one of the innovative projects by the Prestige Bangalore. They provide plots in various configurations according to one’s requirements.

Thus, Prestige Great Acres Plots Sarjapur is offering a golden chance for those who have always dreamt of having a luxurious villa with a scenic picturesque around in Bangalore.


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